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  • Roger L. Soares

Optimizing Covid-19

Has Covid-19 all but destroyed the start-up community? The answer is not really. While three-quarters of startups report some sort of revenue decline, 26% have seen their revenues grow during the crisis. This is especially true in consumer-facing (B2C) sectors, where 15% of startups are experiencing growth. Most economists will say this is obvious because due to Covid there will be an immediate shift in consumer priorities and interests. For example, alcohol sales are growing, grocery store foot traffic is up, and streaming services have exploded.

How can we help you?

1) We can help you gain access to grants & loans to preserve your companies liquidity.

2) We can assist you with protecting your employees.

3) Lastly, our services can assist you as you look to pivot and shift your business models. Many start-ups are either doing this already or being being called to do it. Some companies will be well-positioned to turn their crisis response work into long-term success.

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